Ssusan Lee Music
Susan Lee is a contemporary folk singer-songwriter with a warm and welcoming style from Boston's South Shore. She plays guitar and piano, and sings with an emphasis on vocal harmony. Her songwriting and melodies are influenced by traditional and contemporary folk, blues, classic rock, and gospel music. As Susan sings her heartfelt songs, full of irony, humor, and passion, the listener shares the emotional journey as each song rolls on.

"Susan is always at the center of exceptional music and harmony. Her vocal harmony, lyrics and songs are candy for your ears!" ~ Bob Crownfield, Studio Session Live.

Thats why Susan has been featured on both the radio and the TV versions of Studio Session Live.

Since 2010, Susan has been having fun playing with Plymouth musician and singer-songwriter Frank Albani. Frank was "raised on rock and roll" and plays acoustic and electric guitar, along  with percussion from time to time. Drawing inspiration from many musical styles, his writing and playing open the door to his world, both serious and funny. Both Susan and Frank are avid music fans and can often be found in the audience of friends and fellow musicians at open mike and concert venues they support. "Susan & Frank offer a most unique style and presentation of  their heartfelt original songs, -- and the occasional interpretation of covers that they feel fit their criteria as an addition to their ever-expanding repertoire. Vocal and instrumental harmonies are goals that Susan & Frank. have achieved. As they share their songs and the love of performing, the joy is contagious. Please sit back and enjoy the feature that Susan and Frank  bring to our stage here at ROM tonight. " ~Neal Braverman, Roslindale Open Mike

Susan has had the good fortune of being accompanied by Cambridge musician, Jake Garrels, at various music venues from time to time. They began collaborating in 2012, finding their voices and musical styles complemented each other nicely.